Etzenricht HVDC back-to-back station


Etzenricht HVDC back-to-back station, situated east of Etzenricht, a village in Northeast Bavaria, was built from 1991 to 1992 for the interconnection of the Bavarian and the Czech power grid, which was necessary at those days, because the Bavarian and the Czech power grid were operated asynchronously at those days.

On July 9th, 1993 it went after a several month-lasting phase of tests and trial operation which started with the completion of the powerline to the substation Hradec in Czech on September 3rd, 1992 officially into service.

Etzenricht HVDC back-to-back station ( German designation: GKK Etzenricht, which means Gleichstromkurzkupplung Etzenricht) operated at a DC voltage of 160 kV and was capable of transmitting a maximum power of 600 MW. It used 864 thyristors of the type U78 S346 S34, which was the largest thyristor available at the beginning of the 1990ies.

On October 18th, 1995, it got obsolete and was shut-down as on this day the power grids of Bavaria and Czech were synchronized and no HVDC back-to-back station was required for interconnection any more.

In 1997, it was partly dismantled, however most parts remained on the site, as it was planned to sell the installation to Eastern Europe for the realization of an interconnection between the now asynchronously operated power grids of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. However this was not done and so in spring 2009 all remaining parts of Etzenricht HVDC back-to-back station were dismantled and scrapped. Only the valve hall is still in place.


1. Entrance of former Etzenricht HVDC back-to-back station.


 2. Site view of the former inverter hall of HVDC Etzenricht-back-to-back-station. Originally, there was no door in the wall of the hall as in front of the wall, there were the 2 large smoothing reactors of the DC circuit situated.


3. Etzenricht substation with the hall of former Etzenricht HVDC back-to-back station. The powerline in the foreground is the 380 kV-powerline to Czech.


4. A huge transformer for coupling the 380 kV-grid and the 110 kV-grid in Etzenricht substation.


5. The first pylon of the powerline to Czech close to the former inverter hall. The pylon did not exist when the inverter was in use.


6. The first pylon of powerline to Czech and former inverter hall from a greater distance.

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