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 Harald2014-09-24 17:29:07

800 x 1200, 72 кБ
View from the bottom to the top of 231 metres tall mast of Dillberg transmitter
 Harald2014-09-24 17:26:04

800 x 1200, 55 кБ
The cage antenna for mediumwave broadcasting of the 231 metres tall mast of Dillberg transmitter
 Harald2014-09-24 17:22:27

800 x 1200, 65 кБ
The 231 metres tall mast of Dillberg transmitter. The grounded mast carries a cage antenna for broadcasting on the mediumwave frequency 801 kHz at its lower part. Above this antenna, there are the FM-broadcasting antennas. On the top, there is the antenna for DVB-T transmission.
 Harald2014-09-24 17:17:41

800 x 1200, 68 кБ
The 62 metres tall telecommunication tower at Dillberg transmitter
 Harald2014-09-24 17:14:05

800 x 1200, 51 кБ
Dillberg transmitter

Right: 231 metres mast, built in 1991
Middle: 198 metres mast, built in 1955
Left: 61 metres tall telecommunication tower, built in 1986
 Harald2014-09-24 16:18:54

800 x 1067, 922 кБ
Dillberg transmitter is a facility for AM, FM and TV-broadcasting southeast of Nuremburg, Germany. It has a 231 metres tall and a 198 metres tall guyed grounded mast equipped with a cage antenna for AM-broadcasting. The 231 metres tall mast was built in 1991, the other in 1955.
The third tower, a telecommunication tower consisting of concrete, is 62 metres tall and was erected in 1986.
 Harald2014-09-03 01:56:31
On rt.com/news/170704-tesla-tower-lightning-russia/ you can find cool pictures of the most powerful high voltage test station, situated in Istra, Russia.
 Harald2014-08-11 15:31:40

800 x 534, 645 кБ
Substation at Zimmern ob Rottweil, a cable-fed 110 kV-substation
 Harald2014-08-07 04:06:24

800 x 1200, 1528 кБ
A bent concrete pylon near Waldenbuch
 Harald2014-08-07 03:56:32

800 x 1200, 1437 кБ
Mobile sculpture at an abandoned concrete pylon near Waldenbuch, Germany
 Harald2014-08-07 02:54:52

800 x 600, 623 кБ
A 110 kV and a 20 kV powerline north of Trochtelfingen, Germany
 Harald2014-07-30 15:37:21

800 x 1067, 1294 кБ
An other view on Facility 211, pylon 40
 Harald2014-07-30 15:31:35

800 x 1067, 1310 кБ
Facility 211, Pylon 40, a branch pylon in Sindelfingen, Germany
 Harald2014-07-28 18:15:25

800 x 600, 739 кБ
Interesting branch pylon near Ettlingen, Germany
 Harald2014-07-28 13:09:33

800 x 750, 1101 кБ
Branch pylon of Hilpertsau-Weisenbach powerline, where the line splits in the single-circuit powerline to Reichental and the double-circuit powerline to Au im Murgtal.
 Harald2014-07-28 04:27:17

683 x 592, 161 кБ
Track of Hilpertsau-Weisenbach powerline
 Harald2014-07-28 04:25:44

800 x 600, 45 кБ
At the 7th pylon Hilpertsau-Weisenbach powerline splits into two powerlines, which continue as ordinary lines. One circuit runs to Reichental, while the two other continue to Au im Murgtal. The first line is immediately after the branch a normal line, while the second one transforms at the span between the 7th and the 8th pylon into a standard power line.
 Harald2014-07-28 04:19:06

800 x 1200, 104 кБ
Strainer of Hilpertsau-Weisenbach powerline.
 Harald2014-07-28 04:15:55

800 x 1200, 76 кБ
Suspension tower of Hilpertsau-Weisenbach powerline. The line runs paralell to the 110 kV-line to Forbach pump storage power plant.
 Harald2014-07-28 04:10:51

800 x 1200, 159 кБ
Hilpertsau-Weisenbach powerline consists of 7 pylons: one termination tower at Hilpertsau substation, 2 strainers, 3 suspension towers and 1 branch pylon

Termination tower at Hilpertsau substation
 Harald2014-07-28 04:06:05

800 x 534, 17 кБ
A very interesting powerline is the 1.326 km long powerline from Hilpertsau to Weisenbach in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It looks on the first view like a 20 kV-lline using triple conductors, but when you have a closer look at it, you can see that the spacers are insulators and each bundle contains a complete circuit!

Spacer of Hilpertsau-Weisenbach powerline
 Harald2014-07-24 02:38:20

800 x 534, 32 кБ
Powerlines entering Nagold substation
 Harald2014-07-24 02:35:55

800 x 534, 59 кБ
110 kV/20 kV-substation at Nagold, Germany
 Harald2014-07-23 02:40:12

800 x 600, 23 кБ
The mast of Thurnau transmitter with all guys. The black dots in the guys are the insulators, the red balls serve just for aircraft warning.
 Harald2014-07-23 02:34:17

800 x 534, 82 кБ
The guys of the first and second guy level of Thurnau transmitter are divided by insulators in conventional manner as the upmost guy screens it from high static charges during thunder storms. So close to their common anchor basement, there is no coil for grounding.
 Harald2014-07-23 02:28:09

800 x 534, 94 кБ
An other view of the guy anchor of the upmost guy level of Thurnau transmitter and the coil used to ground the guy
 Harald2014-07-23 02:22:48

800 x 1200, 153 кБ
The guy of the upmost level of Thurnau transmitter is divided by an insulator. However, there is still the possibility that the rest of the guy disturbs too much the radiation of the transmitter. In order to solve this problem, there are two ways:
1.) Dividing the guy by further insulators
2.) Grounding the guy with a coil with an inductivity chosen in a way that the disturbance by the guy is very small.

Way 1 has the disadvantage that especially at very tall masts at certain weather conditions high voltages at the guy sections may occur, requiring insulators designed for much higher voltages than that produced by the transmitter and voltage arresters bridging the insulators, which are expensive to maintain.

At Thurnau transmitter for the upmost guy level, way 2 was chosen. The coil for grounding the guy is situated close to the anchor basement.
 Harald2014-07-23 02:04:55

800 x 1200, 124 кБ
An other view on the base of the mast of Thurnau transmitter
 Harald2014-07-23 02:00:18

800 x 534, 73 кБ
Basement of the mast of Thurnau transmitter. One can see the huge insulator on which it stands and the feeder line used for feeding it with the radio power to be radiated. The coil in the line prevents too fast voltage rises, which can occur in case of a lightning strike and damage the transmitter.
 Harald2014-07-23 01:53:48

800 x 1200, 62 кБ
Close view up the mast of Thurnau transmitter. The guys of the first and second level are attached with insulators at the mast, while that of the upmost are not. The insulator for dividing one of the upmost guys is visible on the picture.

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