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 Harald2015-11-05 16:34:20

800 x 1200, 60 кБ
Looking up the main antenna mast of Horgenzell Mediumwave Transmitter
 Harald2015-11-05 16:30:05

800 x 1200, 48 кБ
The main antenna mast of Horgenzell Mediumwave Transmitter illuminated by the sun
 Harald2015-11-05 16:25:19

800 x 1200, 42 кБ
The newer of the two masts of Horgenzell Mediumwave Transmitter is used as main antenna. It is as mentioned insulated against ground and guyed in 2 levels. Its guys are just insulated to the mast and not divided by insulators, which is most common for masts insulated against ground, in order to prevent the flow of radio frequency current through the guys, which reduce antenna effiency and distort the radiation diagram.
This task is done at this mast by coils near the guy basements, over which the guys are grounded.
The advantage of guys grounded by coils respect to guys divided by insulators is that no static charges occur, which require especially at tall masts large insulators and their bridging with overvoltage arrestors, which are difficult to maintain.
 Harald2015-11-05 15:58:48

800 x 534, 28 кБ
Closer look at the two masts of Horgenzell Mediumwave Transmitter
 Harald2015-11-05 15:54:25

800 x 1200, 53 кБ
Horgenzell Mediumwave Transmitter is a facility near Ravensburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany for broadcasting the radio program of Deutschlandfunk on 756 kHz with 100 kW. It uses as antenna a directional antenna consisting of two guyed masts insulated against ground with a height of 120 metres, which were built in 1951 and 1978.
 Harald2015-10-02 01:09:21

800 x 1200, 116 кБ
A powerline tower carrying two 380 kV-circuits, one 220 kV-circuit and one 110 kV-circuit near Poznan, Poland.
 Harald2015-10-02 01:04:01

800 x 534, 44 кБ
Tag of the first pylon of the branching line
 Harald2015-10-02 01:00:06

800 x 534, 61 кБ
110 kV-branch north of Gabin, Poland
 Harald2015-10-02 00:54:18

800 x 534, 39 кБ
Tag of this strainer
 Harald2015-10-02 00:50:05

800 x 1200, 94 кБ
A closer look at this strainer. Note the wire roll.
 Harald2015-10-02 00:45:16

800 x 534, 40 кБ
A strainer of a 220 kV-line at Kampinos-Wiejca, Poland
 Harald2015-10-02 00:40:33

800 x 1200, 56 кБ
The 289 metres high mast of Solec Kujawski longwave transmitter
 Harald2015-10-02 00:34:54

800 x 1200, 44 кБ
The 330 metres high mast of Solec Kujawski longwave transmitter
 Harald2015-10-02 00:30:48

800 x 534, 19 кБ
The new Polish longwave transmitter in Solec Kujawski, working on 225 kHz with 1200 kW. It uses an antenna consisting of 2 masts, which are 330 metres respectively 289 metres high. Both masts are grounded and fed through the second topmost guy level with the radio power to be radiated.
 Harald2015-10-02 00:26:15

800 x 1200, 155 кБ
For transmitting the radio program from the studio in Warsaw to RCN Konstantynow a directional radio system was used. For it a 76 metres high lattice tower close to the transmitter building was built, which exists still today.
 Harald2015-10-02 00:20:24

800 x 1200, 117 кБ
Close to the outmost guy anchor block, there was a small tower with a red lamp on the top in order to mark the span field of the radio mast of RCN Konstantynow at night. As the mast was guyed in three directions, there were 3 such towers.
 Harald2015-10-02 00:14:37

800 x 534, 149 кБ
One of the concrete blocks, toward a guy of the 646.4 metres high mast of RCN Konstantynow was fixed
 Harald2015-10-02 00:07:24

800 x 1200, 249 кБ
The former helix building of the former 646.4 metres high radio mast of RCN Konstantynow
 Harald2015-10-02 00:01:12

800 x 534, 116 кБ
On this basement, there stood until August 8th, 1991, the 646.4 metres high radio mast of RCN Konstantynow - on three insulators, each 2 metres high designed for 120 kV!
 Harald2015-10-01 23:53:39

800 x 534, 102 кБ
The abandoned 110 kV-substation of RCN Konstantynow, Poland. RCN Konstantynow was a longwave broadcasting facility, which transmitted a radio program on 227 kHz ( after 1988: 225 kHz) with a power of 2000 kW, so it was one of the most powerful broadcasting stations in the world.
As antenna RCN Konstantynow used a mast radiator insulated against ground with a height of 646.4 metres. It was until the erection of Burj Kalifa the tallest thing mankind ever built!
It went in service in 1974. On August 8th, 1991 its antenna mast collapsed during change of one of the top guys. It was planned to rebuilt it, but these plans were cancelled after violent protests of people living in the proximity of RCN Konstantynow, who feared that the strong radiation of the transmitter would endanger their health.
Although there was no proof for this statement, as replacement a radio transmitter south of Solec Kujawski with a 330 metres and a 289 metres high mast were built, which was inaugaurated in 1999.
 Harald2015-10-01 23:44:19

800 x 954, 1066 кБ
A German built pylon of a 110 kV-line in Silesia, Poland.
 Harald2015-10-01 23:40:15

800 x 1271, 1337 кБ
A Russian-type strainer of a 400 kV-line in Silesia, Poland
 Harald2015-10-01 23:36:51

800 x 1200, 99 кБ
On Conertplatz in Dresden, Germany, there is also an electricity pylon on the middle of the road
 3982015-10-01 23:30:38

800 x 1200, 77 кБ
On Grumbacher Strasse, a city road in Dresden, Germany, there is a electricity pylon on the middle of the street
 Harald2015-07-28 02:45:08

800 x 1200, 72 кБ
Unique tower of Herbertingen-Tiengen powerline close to Tiengen substation
 Harald2015-07-28 02:38:03

800 x 534, 37 кБ
Powerline Herbertingen-Tiengen close to its end at Waldshut-Tiengen
 Harald2015-07-28 02:30:26

800 x 600, 533 кБ
Powerline Herbertingen-Tiengen south of Hohentengen
 Harald2015-07-28 02:23:10

800 x 600, 559 кБ
Terminus of powerline Hoheneck-Herbertingen at Herbertingen
 Harald2015-07-17 01:39:20

800 x 1200, 119 кБ
Sign on the pylon on the side of the main line
 Harald2015-07-17 01:34:30

800 x 534, 82 кБ
Number of the pylon

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