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 Harald2011-09-20 21:49:44

800 x 1200, 32 кБ
The intermediate insulator of the mast.
 Harald2011-09-20 21:46:32

800 x 1200, 36 кБ
The first guy level of the large mast of Mühlacker transmitter. As the mast is insulated against ground, the guys are fixed
with insulators to the mast. The guys itsself are divided by insulators in order to avoid them getting in resonance with the frequency of the transmitter.
 Harald2011-09-20 21:42:49

800 x 534, 25 кБ
Close look at the basement insulator of Mühlacker transmitter. The insulator on which it stoods has to carry a weight of
280 tons. It is capable of insulating a HF-voltage of 60 kV.
 Harald2011-09-20 21:39:27

800 x 534, 72 кБ
The large mast of Mühlacker transmitter stands on the roof of the helix building on a large insulator.
 Harald2011-09-20 21:34:54

800 x 1200, 48 кБ
The 273 metres tall mast radiator of Mühlacker transmitter was built in 1949/1950. It is insulated against ground and divided by an insulator electrically into
two parts, so it is double-fedable. This construction allows a flat radiation pattern.
On the top, it carries a butterfly antenna for FM-broadcasting.
 Harald2011-09-20 21:29:20

800 x 534, 22 кБ
Mühlacker transmitter is a large facility for AM and FM-broadcasting. It has actually 3 towers: a 273 metres tall guyed mast radiator, a 130 metres tall mast radiator and a 93 metres tall lattice tower.
Mühlacker transmitter broadcasts on 576 kHz with 100 kW the German radio program "SWR Cont.Ra". It should be receiveable at night also in Ukraine.
Unfortunately, it is planned to be shut-down at the end of 2011.
 Novoklimov2011-09-20 16:05:59
 Harald2011-08-26 21:18:00
Have you ever checked the interesting pictures of Mikhailovskaya static inverter plant of HVDC Volgograd–Donbass on www.panoramio.com/map/#lt%3D48.653772%26ln%3D38.565305%26z%3D0%26k%3D2%26a%3D1%26tab%3D1?
1 Novoklimov2011-09-20 10:01:297 лет назад
 Thank's. I never seen this images before.
 Harald2011-07-13 23:01:43

800 x 600, 36 кБ
Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Plant. It consists of 2 units. Unit 1, which was inaugaurated in 1976, has a total generation capacity of 567 MW three phase AC and 174 MW single phase AC for the power grid of the German Railway Company. This generator is the largest generator for single-phase AC in the world!

Unit 2, which went in service in 1989, has a generation capacity of 1310 MW three-phase AC. Close to it, there is a rotary converter plant capable of converting 140 MW from three-phase AC into single phase AC for the power grid of the German Railway Company and vice versa.

Although the nuclear power plants in Germany are said to be the safest in the world and no major accidents occured, Germany plans to shut-down all nuclear power plants until 2022. Unit 1 of Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Station was already decomissioned in 2011.

At present, there is a facility for converting three-phase AC into single-phase AC for the power grid of the German Railway Company under construction replacing the single-phase AC generation capacity of Unit 1.

Why are there in Ukraine - in spite of the Cernobyl desaster - no major protests against nuclear power plants and even plans for building new nuclear power plants?
 Harald2011-07-13 22:35:59

800 x 1067, 67 кБ
Close to this transposing tower, there is a strainer carrying 2 circuits for the 110 kV three-phase AC line Kornwestheim-Seewisen and two single phase AC circuits of the 110 kV-traction current line Zazenhausen-Plochingen.
 Harald2011-07-13 22:16:19

800 x 1067, 57 кБ
Transposing tower of the single-phase 110 kV AC line from Neckarwestheim/Traction Current Switching Station to Zazenhausen Railway Substation. This line and the line Neckarwestheim/Traction Current Switching Station - Neckarwestheim/Nuclear Power Plant are the only lines for single phase AC using bundles of 4 conductors.
 Harald2011-07-13 02:05:42

800 x 600, 46 кБ
Pylon of the powerline crossing the parking lot of A65 nightclub, photographed from the open-air area of the nightclub.
 Harald2011-07-13 02:02:21

800 x 600, 45 кБ
A 110 kV-powerline crosses the parking lot of the nightclub A65, which is as several other nightclubs in Germany named after a nearby motorway, in Kandel, Germany.
 Harald2011-07-13 01:58:49

800 x 1200, 43 кБ
Enercon E-126 wind turbine at Schneebergerhof. It was built in 2010 and has a generation capacity of 6 MW.

It is one the most powerful wind turbines in the world!

The axis of this turbine is in a height of 135 metres, the rotor has a diametre of 127 metres, so the
tip of the blade can reach a height of 198.5 metres!
1 Novoklimov2011-07-13 11:13:297 лет назад
 It's awesome!
 Harald2011-07-13 01:54:27

800 x 1200, 50 кБ
The mast used for the mediumwave transmitter of Rheinsender. It is 150 m high and acts directly as antenna and stands
on a huge insulator. It is guyed on ropes divided by insulators and is divided by an intermediate insulator electrically in
two parts.
 Harald2011-07-13 01:51:23

800 x 534, 25 кБ
Rheinsender, a broadcasting station for mediumwave and FM-radio at Wolfsheim, Germany. The mediumwave transmitter works on 1017 kHz with 100 kW.
 Harald2011-07-13 01:47:22

800 x 600, 49 кБ
A 110 kV-powerline carrying as well circuits for three-phase AC of the public power grid and single-phase AC for the power grid of the German Railway Company in front of Mannheim Power Station, which is now enlarged by a further unit. The smokestack on the left is 180 metres, that on the right 200 metres tall.
Mannheim Power Station is a coal-fired power station generating as well three-phase AC for the public grid and single phase AC for the grid of the German Railway Company.
 Harald2011-07-13 01:42:32

800 x 600, 43 кБ
A combined 380 kV/220 kV-powerline near Ludwigshafen
 Harald2011-07-13 01:40:04

800 x 600, 34 кБ
380 kV powerline Hoheneck-Bürrstadt crosses the motorway A81 near Ludwigsburg. It is part of the 380 kV powerline Hoheneck-Rommerskirchen, which was the first powerline in Germany operated with this voltage.
1 Novoklimov2011-07-13 11:11:367 лет назад
 380kV isn't the most powerful voltage in Germany?
2 Harald2011-07-13 22:09:227 лет назад
 380 kV is the highest voltage used in Germany for AC lines. However, there are two DC lines in Germany with higher voltages: Kontek ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kontek ) with 400 kV from Bentwisch near Rostock to Bjaeverskov in Denmark and Baltic-Cable ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltic_Cable ) with 450 kV from Lübeck/Herrenwyk to Arrie in Sweden. Kontek is completely undergrounded, Baltic-Cable has an overhead line section with 12 km length and 40 pylons in Sweden.
 Art2011-07-06 14:33:04

800 x 600, 38 кБ
Фото сетей северной Италии
1 Novoklimov2011-07-13 11:08:277 лет назад
 Спасибо за снимки, осенью смогу загрузить их в галерею. ПС завода Феррари - это настоящий эксклюзив.
 Art2011-07-06 14:32:22

800 x 600, 36 кБ
Фото сетей северной Италии
 Art2011-07-06 14:31:10

800 x 600, 32 кБ
Фото распределительной ПС 110 кВ. Примечательна тем, что с нее запитан завод Феррари в г.Маранелло
 Art2011-07-06 14:30:34

800 x 600, 71 кБ
Фото распределительной ПС 110 кВ. Примечательна тем, что с нее запитан завод Феррари в г.Маранелло
 Art2011-07-06 14:29:42

576 x 768, 146 кБ
Фото распределительной ПС 110 кВ. Примечательна тем, что с нее запитан завод Феррари в г.Маранелло
1 Novoklimov2011-07-13 11:05:137 лет назад
 Как близко! Отличный кадр.
 Art2011-07-06 14:29:07

800 x 600, 24 кБ
Фото распределительной ПС 110 кВ. Примечательна тем, что с нее запитан завод Феррари в г.Маранелло
 Art2011-07-06 14:28:26

800 x 600, 57 кБ
Фотоотчет по поездке по северной Италии
Фото распределительной ПС 110 кВ. Примечательна тем, что с нее запитан завод Феррари в г.Маранелло
 Novoklimov2011-05-31 15:57:39

800 x 601, 72 кБ
Путеводитель "Высоковольтное кольцо Днепропетровска. Часть третья. Западная и южная части города."
Опубликован заключительный очерк серии novoklimov.blogspot.com/2011/05/blog-post_31.html
1 Novoklimov2011-05-31 15:58:577 лет назад
 Все три части готовы, теперь полный комплект!
Высоковольтное кольцо Днепропетровска. Часть вторая.
Краткий путеводитель по ЛЭП города. Часть вторая. Центральный и северный районы.
novoklimov.blogspot.com/2011/04/blog-post.html />
Высоковольтное кольцо Днепропетровска. Часть первая.
Краткий путеводитель по ЛЭП города. Часть первая. Восточный район.
 Novoklimov2011-05-08 16:15:02

Монтаж опоры в деталях.
1 IOWq с отп.2011-05-22 11:08:458 лет назад
 мда, у нас точно это не так делается. только вот зачем они шило на мыло поменяли?
 Paolo2011-05-04 18:53:46

500 x 375, 152 кБ
Ortigueira PLC Repeater Station of the bipolar 600 kV HVDC powerline from Foz do Iguaçu to Ibiúna in Brazil. The line is used for power transmission from Itaipu Dam to Sao Paulo.

Are there also PLC Repeater Stations in Ukraine, Russia and other areas of former Soviet Union?
 Novoklimov2011-04-22 13:26:57

800 x 534, 65 кБ
Windmill park. Myrne, Ukraine

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