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 Harald2012-05-03 15:08:52

800 x 534, 56 кБ
Etzenricht substation
 Harald2012-05-03 15:04:46

800 x 534, 62 кБ
Side view of static inverter hall of former HVDC back-to-back station Etzenricht
 Harald2012-05-03 15:00:04

800 x 534, 108 кБ
A 380 kV/110 kV-transformer at Etzenricht substation
 Harald2012-05-03 14:55:04

800 x 534, 77 кБ
Service rail in Etzenricht substation between the hall of former HVDC-back-to-back station ( right) and 380 kV-switchyard ( left)
 Harald2012-05-03 14:49:33

800 x 534, 67 кБ
Service road in Etzenricht substation
 Harald2012-05-03 14:44:58

800 x 534, 92 кБ
Etzenricht substation with hall of former static inverter in the background
 Harald2012-05-03 14:39:52

800 x 534, 72 кБ
Sideview on hall of former Etzenricht HVDC-back-to-back station. At this site originally the smoothing reactors were placed.
 Harald2012-05-03 14:33:36

800 x 534, 48 кБ
First pylon of powerline Etzenricht-Hradec ( right) and hall of former HVDC back-to-back station Etzenricht
 Harald2012-05-03 14:29:29

800 x 534, 57 кБ
Former static inverter hall of GKK Etzenricht
 Art2012-04-05 21:00:51
и еще..
 Art2012-04-05 20:59:27
Нашел описание "шуховских" опор ВЛ, очень красивые сооружения
Фото по ссылкам
 Harald2012-03-17 00:19:50

800 x 1200, 70 кБ
Feeding point of power generated by Ingersheim Enercon Wind Turbine into 20 kV-line.
 Harald2012-03-17 00:16:18

800 x 1200, 64 кБ
Ingersheim Enercon E-82 Wind Turbine was completed on March 15th, 2012.

It has a generation power of 2 MW, a nacelle height of 138 metres and a rotor diametre of 82 metres.
 Harald2012-03-08 23:33:17

800 x 534, 31 кБ
A pylon, where at Münchingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, where a 110 kV/20 kV-line branches in a 110 kV and in a 20 kV line
 Harald2012-03-02 22:52:22

800 x 534, 40 кБ
The traction power converter in Neckarwestheim with Unit 2 of Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Plant in the background. The facility is fed by a 380 kV underground cable running from the power plant to the converter
 Harald2012-03-02 22:46:30

800 x 534, 50 кБ
Facility for the conversion of three-phase AC with 50 Hz frequency from the public grid into single phase AC 16.7 Hz for the German Railway Corporation ( Deutsche Bahn AG). This facility replaces the generation of single phase AC in Unit 1 of Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Plant and the rotary converter close to Unit 2 of Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Plant
 Harald2012-03-02 22:38:17

800 x 1200, 71 кБ
Powerline to Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Plant. It carries a 380 kV three phase AC circuit, a 220 kV three phase AC circuit and on the lowest crossbar two 110 kV single phase AC circuits for power supply of the German Railway Corporation ( Deutsche Bahn AG). The insulators of the line are designed for 220 kV as in case of failures on the three phase AC lines high overvoltages can occur, which cannot stand an insulation designed for 110 kV.
1 Novoklimov2012-03-03 19:30:157 лет назад
 Interesting pylon. Can you write wikimapia coordinates?
 Harald2012-02-24 23:34:40

800 x 1200, 69 кБ
Further picture of these powerlines
 Harald2012-02-24 23:31:14

800 x 1200, 53 кБ
Powerlines near the construction site of the wind turbine at Ingersheim. The generated power will be fed in the 20 kV powerline in the foreground. The 110 kV powerline in the background connects Hoheneck substation with Heilbronn Thermal Power Station. Its branches run to Mundelsheim, Lauffen and Schwaigern.
 Harald2012-02-24 23:22:21

800 x 1200, 62 кБ
Construction site of a wind turbine north of Ingersheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This wind turbine of Enercon E-82 type will have when completed a nacelle height of 138 metres, a rotor diametre of 82 metres and a generation capacity of 2 MW.
 Harald2012-02-22 23:22:28

800 x 534, 28 кБ
A pylon of the powerline Hoheneck-Herbertingen near Sindelfingen at night. The bright object right of the pylon is the planet Venus.
 Novoklimov2012-01-23 12:42:09

800 x 601, 54 кБ
В разделе "ЛЭП 220кВ" было загружено 33 новых фотографии, спасибо Дмитрию Марголину за интересный фотоматериал!

 Harald2012-01-09 21:33:01
Are or were PLC-systems in Ukraine ( and other states of former Soviet Union) on high voltage lines also used for other communication purposes than that of the company operating the powerline? The following picture, showing a PLC-coupling device on a strainer of HVDC Volgograd-Donbass ( I do not know where this strainer is, as HVDC Volgograd-Donbass is not completely high-resoluted on satellite pictures) implies that, as it is not situated at a substation or a similiar facility.


I suppose the double pylon of HVDC Volgograd-Donbass visible on wikimapia.org/#lat=48.7237019&lon=38.8570171&z=18&l=5&m=b has a similiar device installed.
Does someone know if some services not involved with power supply do or did use PLC-systems on powerlines? Thinkable would be teletype transmission to newspaper offices.
 Harald2012-01-09 02:50:33

800 x 572, 68 кБ
Spectrogram of the last seconds of Mühlacker transmitter ( io.ua/img656082b ) on 576 kHz
 Harald2012-01-08 07:33:31

800 x 534, 23 кБ
A 110 kV-Powerline near Esslingen
 Harald2012-01-08 07:26:23

800 x 534, 33 кБ
Altbach Power Station - a coal-fired power station at Altbach, east of Stuttgart. The two large chimneys of the power plant are 250 metres high - higher than Stuttgart TV Tower!
1 Novoklimov2012-01-08 17:58:027 лет назад
 It's impressive object! I seen that Poweplant there

And some pylons:
 Harald2012-01-04 13:10:14

800 x 534, 42 кБ
Former inverter hall of Etzenricht HVDC back-to-back station and first pylon of powerline to Czech.
 Harald2012-01-04 13:05:54

800 x 534, 37 кБ
First pylon of powerline to Czech and former inverter hall from a greater distance
 Harald2012-01-04 13:02:57

800 x 534, 41 кБ
The first pylon of the powerline to Czech close to the former inverter hall. The pylon did not exist when the inverter was in use.
 Harald2012-01-04 12:58:41

800 x 534, 57 кБ
A huge transformer for coupling the 380 kV-grid and the 110 kV-grid in Etzenricht substation.

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